Wireless Broadband Internet
Wireless Broadband Internet access by SONNET Networking. Utilizing the latest in technology we are able to provide you with full-speed, blazing fast broadband Internet. Through our private backbone delivered to one of our many hilltops we can provide you or your business the speed you need at prices you can afford. Coverage exists in Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties.

Wireless Broadband:
-Introductory packages start at $39.95 Per month
-Up to 12Mbit/s connections

Speeds vary and are based on distance, signal strength, and other tolerances.
All service levels require a $169 equipment and installation charge and a 1 year contract.

Advantages of Fixed Wireless Internet

Cost.  Local loop costs for a conventional telco T1 can typically make up $300 - $800 per month not including bandwidth charges from your ISP. Point to point wireless eliminates the telco entirely.
Compatibility.  Our service is compatible with nearly any computer or device that has an Ethernet or wireless connection capability.
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